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*Name* Amy
*Age* 17
*Birthday* 12/29/86
*Location* California, damn skippy.
*Boy Friend/Girlfriend* Single as hell, and pimmmmpin it (not really.. but yeah)
*Sexual Orientation* Straight?


*Color* black/blue
*age* 21
*bands/singes* a very large variety
*movies* ditto
*TV. Shows* Um, right now i'd say laguna beach
*Country* US?

~Bitchy moments~

*What’s the bitchest moment you ever had?* That's hard to single out one lol.. I'm just a sarcastic bitch all the time in every moment i have lol.. uhhmm.. yeah i'll have to think on this one
*Why do you want to stop being a bitch?* Its not that i wanna stop, cuz i dont think u can stop bein somethin u are.. its just a maturity factor thing, i dont f-in kno..
*Would other people describe you as a bitch?* lol yeah, even my mom tells me ima bitch, its fun
*On a scale of 1-10, how bitchy are you?* ehhh.. 8-9

*~Pick 3 Celebes and say something you don’t like about them~*
* britney spears - f-in horendous when shes normal on the street
* hilary duff - a brick wall, she has no shape or talent at all
* avril lavigne - f-in poser, supposedly "punk" but sounds hella poppy, she needs to go back to her hole.


*boy bands* i'd do em
*The price of a ticket to the movies* not worth it, it's half the price of the DVD that u can buy and watch over and over
*Abortion* against it
*Cutting* been there b4, not the best way to go
*Bush or Kerry* Kerry, cuz im not illiterate
*Emo Bands* get over it, grow some damn balls and stop whispering
*Sesame Street* i wanna be on it and abuse big bird!!!!
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