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Yeah ok...we need people Promote people I am going to promote in my journal and my userinfo but i ma not in many communited that will allow promoting. But I suggest maybe going into random peoples journals and leaving comments with the banners people do it to me all the time. Its a good way to promote.

Any way...I got a problem.
My friend (most of you will probably know who I am talking about.) She has been acting really annoying latley and always needs to be the center of attention and she has changed so much since we started being friends we never hang out anymore becuase she is to busy with her boyfriend and she can be really the way she treats me is just mean and I don't like it. I try to talk to her I have told her that she acts me and that we never hang out becuase she is always with her boyfriend. All she says is that she loves him and she cant help hat she wants to be with him. Amd I am to araid to tell her the way she changed becuase she is a very defensive person and she wil get ma and she isnt good at the whole making up thing. And she can make your life hell and turn alot of people against you if you fight with her.
I miss the oldd he and it is so much fun when eve we do hang out being just me and her she is diffrent and I dont know how to talk to her without her freaking out. It is way to hard just to stop being friends with her even though she isn't really a good friend.

I dont know what to do.
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