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This is a community to try to get over being a bitch....

Everyone will be loved:)


1.Try and be nice.....
2.PMS is not an excuse
3.Use an LJ cut
4.Dont post in here if you havnt been accepted
5.You dont have to use pictures but you should if you have any
6.Dont talk back to any one in the community
7.Try and make your application readable..put spaces or bold your answers


*Boy Friend/Girlfriend*
*Sexual Orientation*


*TV. Shows*

~Bitchy moments~

*What’s the bitchest moment you ever had?*
*Why do you want to stop being a bitch?*
*Would other people describe you as a bitch?*
*On a scale of 1-10, how bitchy are you?*

*~Pick 3 Celebes and say something you don’t like about them~*


*boy bands*
*The price of a ticket to the movies*
*Bush or Kerry*
*Emo Bands*
*Sesame Street*

No more then 4 if you dont have any thats ok.

~Promote Banners~

~Accepted Sign~

~Rejcted Sign~